Hi, I’m Felipe

PhD Candidate in Exercise Physiology



­čôäYou may access my CV here.

­čôŹUniversit├Ątsklinikum T├╝bingen - Sports Medicine Department

  • Thesis: Individual response to physical activity: Physical fitness, stress response and disease-related endpoints.
  • Workflow automation with R.

­čôŹMax Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems - Perceiving Systems Department

  • Data cleaning from the Vicon Motion Capture System.
  • Task automation with Python for the Vicon system and the Asana platform.
  • Data science
  • Programming
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Workflow automation
  • Exercise physiology
  • Sports medicine
  • Sports science

Open Source Projects

Shiny Apps

Latest Post

Jan 1, 2020

Thank you, 2019!

No doubt 2019 has been a good year. As a personal project, I have launched a Shiny Server, which is run in a very basic droplet in DigitalOcean. There are currently three free apps available in the server: Critical Power Dashboad, Lactate Dashboard, and VO2 Kinetics Dashboard. They were all updated and improved this year. In total, my personal website and my shiny server had an outstanding number of visitors in 2019: 3,717 users from 68 countries. Read more


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